Blockers are the items in Bubble Witch 3 Saga which prevent a player from reaching other bubbles. They can be destroyed - some easier, some harder.

There are many different kinds of blocker bubbles. Each has different properties, and has to be dealt with differently, in order to proceed in the game.

Image Name First appearance What it does How to destroy?
BWS3 Clone bubble
Clone Bubble Level 13 Changes accordingly to the color of the matched bubbles adjacent to it. Matching it when it changes to a colored bubble (changing them to a match also works) or falling.
BWS3 Black bubble
Black Bubble Level 17 Cannot be matched. It blocks the way for shooting. It can be destroyed by making it fall or with a special bubble
BWS3 Spider Web
Spider Web Level 26 Bubbles that are covered by this cannot fall. Matching with the bubble color it is covering or special bubbles.
BWS3 Bat
Bat Bubble Level 41 A regular bubble. Flies back to the board if it is dropped Match it with other bubbles or use a special bubble to destroy it
BWS3 Cloud bubble
Clouds Level 51 Covers over bubbles to block visibility. Matching either with the bubbles it is covering or nearby it, special bubbles, or falling.
BWS3 Golem bubble
Golem Bubble Level 81 Opens and closes. Bubble inside is unavailable to match with when closed. Matching with inside bubble when open, special bubble (open or closed), or falling
BWS3 Duo
Duo Bubble Level 121 Requires matching twice. Once with each color. Matching with each color, special bubble, or falling.
BWS3 Ice
Ice Bubble Level 161 Requires contact with a match to thaw. Match beside to thaw and then match with, special bubble, or falling.
BWS3 Pumpkin bubble
Pumpkin Bubble Level 201 Blocks the way for shooting. Hit with any bubble, special bubble, or falling.
BWS3 MoreLess -1 bubble
MoreLess Bubble Level 221
BWS3 Frogsty
Frogsty Level 241
BWS3 FogFrog
FogFrog Level 281
BWS3 Leaf
Leaves Level 301


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